Shelving HOLDEN

The HOLDEN collection is a modern piece of furniture that is an ideal way of uncommon ordering of books, CDs, boxes or displaying things our best memories are associated with.

Shelving HOLDEN is an innovative piece of furniture that allows any configuration with virtually no assembly. The Holden system can consist of ready-made elements and arrangement, or boxes designed for individual replenishment or construction of furniture. Thanks to the innovative design of elements of various heights and depths, we may store elements of various sizes, creating a three-dimensional space. The Holden collection is not only about ergonomics and convenience, it is also a timeless aesthetic and versatility that applies to every home and office.

Regał HOLDEN - meble drewniane
boksy regału rot
boksy regału rot
boksy regału rot

Available sizes

Height [mm]

350 / 700 / 1050 / 1400 / 1750 / 2100

Width [mm]

350 / 700 / 1050 / 1400

Depth [mm]

250 / 300



Ręcznie tworzone meble

Precision down to the smallest detail

Each product is made for individual customers, allowing them to create their own composition from the dimensions to the selection of wood species and the wide finishing options. Striving for perfection is not only the matter of the highest quality materials, but involves also experience developed over the years and qualified professionals who oversee every step in the formation of the furniture from the purchase of raw material to the final product result.

Stoły ręcznie tworzone

We don’t just take on orders. We also take on responsibility.