Dining Tables

Each of us is different, so are the tables by TREBORD. Our homes reflect our needs and sensibilities, therefore the tables by TREBORD can be made of oak, nut, acacia, oiled or lacquered, avant-garde or classic. Thanks to the advanced matching of dining table to the requirements of our customers, the house with a table by TREBORD becomes elegant and sophisticated. Table tailored to people living at the pace of the times but at the same time wishing to surround themselves with nature.

Stoły do jadalni
Stoły do jadalni

Available sizes [mm]


1400 to 4800


700 / 750 / 800 / 850 / 900 / 950 / 1000 / 1050 / 1100 / 1150 / 1200 / 1250 / 1300


750 / 760 / 770 / 780


ca. 40

Available models of legs to the dining tables

Nogi do stołów do jadalni



We use the most reliable
and sophisticated tools we can find:
- Our hands.

Precision down to the smallest detail

Each product is made for individual customers, allowing them to create their own composition from the dimensions to the selection of wood species and the wide finishing options. Striving for perfection is not only the matter of the highest quality materials, but involves also experience developed over the years and qualified professionals who oversee every step in the formation of the furniture from the purchase of raw material to the final product result.

We love Nature.

We don’t just take on orders. We also take on responsibility.