Hotel & Restaurant

A line of unique wooden products reflecting a modern glimpse at traditional handicrafts.

Our offer includes conference tables, restaurant and hotel tables, countertops, benches and food boards made by hand from solid wood.

Each of the presented furniture is available in several different dimensions and can be individually personalized to the needs of each client. The highest accuracy of workmanship and a wide range of available types of wood allows us to create perfect furniture. The office, hotel and restaurant products we offer are manufactured with the highest rigorous quality standards.

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Design a table, so that you are satisfied so that it meets all your requirements and we will make it for you. Choose one of many solid bases and we will finish it in any RAL color or stainless steel and combine it with the top.

Sample projects

Restaurant: Totomato – Warszawa, Piękna street 28/34
Realization: TREBORD

Restaurant: Nowa Sól
Realization: TREBORD

Restaurant: Live Motiv – Warszawa Wołoska street 12
Realization: TREBORD

Restaurant: Lars, Lars & Lars – Poznań,  Wojskowa street 4
Interior design: Oyster and Ultra Architects
Realization: TREBORD

Private apartment
Realization: TREBORD

We use the most reliable
and sophisticated tools we can find:
- Our hands.

Precision down to the smallest detail

Each product is made for individual customers, allowing them to create their own composition from the dimensions to the selection of wood species and the wide finishing options. Striving for perfection is not only the matter of the highest quality materials, but involves also experience developed over the years and qualified professionals who oversee every step in the formation of the furniture from the purchase of raw material to the final product result.

We love Nature.

We don’t just take on orders. We also take on responsibility.