Food boards

A good food board is one of the basic elements of kitchen equipment. Cutting various food products is the start for preparing tasty vegetable and meat dishes and aromatic soups.

We offer kitchen boards made of solid wood, because such wood that has antibacterial properties which makes this material ideal for the food industry. A large cutting board is useful in every well-equipped kitchen. It is ideal for shredding and cutting, but it can also serve as a tray for meats or cheese board.

The board is covered with natural food-safe oil. As a natural product, each board is unique in size and appearance.

Boards with an original shape, ideal for the presentation of soups, desserts or cocktails. Completely smooth from the bottom. The product has been designed in a way that makes cleaning it easy.

Model A

Deski Spożywcze A

Model B

Deski Spożywcze B

Model C

Deski Spożywcze C

Model D

Deski Spożywcze D

Product features:

  • gruba deska do krojenia i serwowania żywności
  • modna, surowa stylistyka produktu
  • mocna i wytrzymała, impregnowana deska kuchenna z dowolnego gatunku drewna