Shelving Jorden

Shelving by TREBORD are a modern and lightweight design, which is a continuation, and also complements of the series of products made entirely from natural wood.

Our product is the perfect place to store all sorts of things ranging from beautiful objects, which should be exhibited to the things always needed on hand. Shelving JORDEN like all products under the TREBORD brand are made entirely by hand and on individual request. Thus, each piece of furniture is matched to the tastes and needs of the customer.

Regał Jorden - polskie meble na zamówienie
Rysunek regał Jorden
Rysunek regał Jorden
Rysunek regał Jorden
Rysunek regał Jorden
Rysunek regał Jorden

Available sizes [mm]

900 x 1500
1200 x 1500
1500 x 1500
1800 x 1500
2100 x 1500

Width [mm]

1500 / 1200

Depth [mm]





Form of table

Finishing table tops

Filling cracks

Type of wood

Form of table

Whatever the form of table top , thanks to the natural qualities of each wood , there are no and will be no two identical tables by TREBORD, and each is UNIQUE.
Forma blatu CLASSIC


Finishing table tops

Each of our wooden table tops can be secured in the process of oiling or lacquering.
Lacquered oak

Lacquered oak

Oiled oak

Oiled oak

Oiled bleached oak

Oiled bleached oak

Oiled gray ash

Oiled gray ash

Lacquered oak - Resistant to chemical disinfection

Lacquered oak Covid

Resistant to chemical
Oiled rustic oak

Oiled rustic oak

  • DIN 68861-1B chemical resistance
  • DIN 53160 saliva and perspiration fastness
  • DIN EN 71, part 3
  • PVC – resistant

Filling cracks

Each knots and cracks in the board of table top can be filled with black filler.
Filling cracks - naturalne

Natural - no filling

Filling cracks - czarne

Black putty

Filling cracks - Żywicą


Type of wood

Type of wood - Nut


Type of wood - Oak


Type of wood - Larch


Type of wood - Ash


Type of wood - Birch


Type of wood - Brushed oak

Brushed oak

We use the most reliable
and sophisticated tools we can find:
- Our hands.

Precision down to the smallest detail

Each product is made for individual customers, allowing them to create their own composition from the dimensions to the selection of wood species and the wide finishing options. Striving for perfection is not only the matter of the highest quality materials, but involves also experience developed over the years and qualified professionals who oversee every step in the formation of the furniture from the purchase of raw material to the final product result.

We love Nature.

We don’t just take on orders. We also take on responsibility.