Set Armchair

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Fotel Trebord

A shapely armchair / chair by Trebord is a dazzling element of any arrangement. The great look of the furniture is based on its stylish wooden frame, which can be made of any type of wood so that it perfectly matches every table from the Treobrd collection. Light Scandinavian design, original finish and high-quality upholstery materials, such designed chair is not only beautiful but also very comfortable.

Fotele SET na drewnianym stelażu z dowolnego gatunku drewna
Fotel z oparciami - wymiary
Fotel bez oparć - wymiary

Available fabrics

Tkanina dla fotela SET


Tkanina dla fotela SET


Tkanina dla fotela SET




Stain resistant
Easy clean fabrics

FibreGuard combines the latest Stain Free Technology with high quality and stylish home furnishing textiles to ensure long lasting, low maintenance easy to clean fabrics.

 Seeing is believing

View real time demonstration videos to find out how to remove stains from your FibreGuard fabric.

Why Fibreguard

FibreGuard is a trusted fabric quality label, which represents a convenient solution to carefree easy living. FibreGuard’s Stain Free Technology allows you to enjoy your sofa, or favorite armchair, assured that it will be able to stand up to everyday stains. From ballpoint pen, to coffee, mud, red wine, and ketchup, common household stains are easily removed allowing you to keep your fabric upholstered furniture looking fresh year after year.

FibreGuard features a wide variety of fabric types, styles, and designs seamlessly combining technology and style.

Furthermore, FibreGuard fabrics are green conscious. Every FibreGuard fabric is Oekotex endorsed certifying that our fabrics are produced in a way that is safe both for our environment and humans – no harmful chemicals or finishes are released from this fabric.

How to clean FibreGuard fabrics:

1. Remove any remaining stain residue with a teaspoon.

2. Apply water to the stain and blot using a white paper towel (do not rub in a circular motion). Repeat the process until the stain residue is no longer visible on the paper towel.

3. Apply more water to the area (for stubborn stains, a normal household bar of soap may be necessary) and gently rub with a microfiber cloth. Use circular movements for best results. Repeat the process until completely removed (when using soap, use intermittently).

4. Allow the fabric to dry naturally. Do not apply heat.

1. Easy to clean

FibreGuard fabrics are low maintenance and easy to clean. From ballpoint pen, to coffee, mud, red wine, and ketchup, common household stains are easily removed allowing you to keep your furniture fabrics looking fresh year after year. Stains can be removed from FibreGuard fabrics using mostly water, stubborn stains may require a small amount of household soap. Please refer to FibreGuard demonstration videos for complete instructions on how to best remove your stain.

2. High Performance

At FibreGuard, we are committed to supplying top quality interior furnishing fabrics. Our fabrics are constantly tested against staining by our in-house fully accredited laboratory to ensure optimum performance. FibreGuard fabrics surpass tough quality and durability tests as well as rigorous washability and cleanability testing to ensure FibreGuard fabric withstands everyday stains and use.

3. Durable

FibreGuard is permanent, meaning that the stain free properties will not deteriorate after washing or heavy use. When an area of FibreGuard fabric has been stained previously and is stained again, the stains can be just as easily removed. Washing your FibreGuard fabric will not diminish the FibreGuard properties

4. Child and pet friendly

FibreGuard fabrics are child and pet friendly. Relax and have fun with your loved ones.

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